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Wine Barrel Top Platter

Wine Barrel Top Platter

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This unique platter is made from a single Niagara wine barrel top or bottom.  It is cut down in size to make it lighter and has two large handles.  The platter is roughly 23 inches across (depending on the barrel) and the width is 12-13 inches.

Extra care is used to make sure that the platter is as flat as possible, but some surface variation is inevitable.  I take the top apart, clean out the tongue-and-groove joints and re-glue using water resistant wood glue.  The platter has four small rubber feet so it does not damage your table top.

The top is finished in natural oak colour and may include the barrel maker's mark burned into the wood.  Platters made from the bottom of a barrel do not have any makers marks.  There may be considerable visual staining and wear depending on how the barrel was stored.  The finish is a durable glossy tung oil.

If you own a wine cellar, or even are just a wine connoisseur, this platter will make an excellent complement to your decor.

As a reflection of the care put into each product, I include a small brass washer under each rubber foot.  If your platter ever warps slightly because of seasonal variations in humidity and thus rocks on its feet, simply move a washer from the high foot to the lower foot across from it.  If it still rocks, move the washer on the other end as well.

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