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Charcuterie Boards

Nothing sets off great selection of food like great wood platter to serve it on.

We have a wide selection of charcuterie boards and platters in a variety of wood species, styles and finishes.

What's the difference between and charcuterie board and a platter?  About $20! ;-)

Actually, the two terms are somewhat synonymous and refer to a flat board used to serve food.  I tend to use "Charcuterie Board" as a fancy version of a platter.  "Platters" are typically more regular in shape and more processed.

So I contrast my "Tap Maple Charcuterie Board" against my "Barrel Top Platter".

Every one of my charcuterie boards is unique because of the nature of the wood that each is made from.

I source my wood from a variety of Ontario farmers, landowners and mills.  The thickness, size, shape and colours of each piece can vary considerably.

For the best selection, I strongly recommend that you visit my workshop in Niagara-on-the-Lake (by appointment) or find me at one of the many Arts & Crafts sales that I attend across Ontario.

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