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Barrel Stave

These unique product are made from barrel staves from a retired oak wine barrel
from Ontario’s Niagara wine region.

As the wine ages in the barrel it is influenced by the tannins in the oak
and the charcoal from the toasted wood. After several years the barrel has served its purpose and is retired by the winery.

I repurpose the barrel to make striking gifts and furniture. Each barrel provides up to 30 staves, varying from one to four inches in width.

Each piece is unique in the width and curve of the staves and the colour of the inside and outside surfaces. Red wine infuses the wood with a deep purple colour. The outside colour of
the staves depends on where the barrel was stored.

Each item is hand-made in our workshop in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. This final piece is sealed with several coats of glossy tung oil for a long-lasting finish.

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