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My own special favourites ...

One of the interesting aspects of working with live edge wood is that every item that you make is unique, and some are very special.

It's sometimes a shame that you have to sell an item because you know you will never see another exactly like it again.

Here are a few of my favouorites ....

 This massive charcuterie board is over 31 inches across with the crack filled with clear epoxy.  It started as a table, but it was cut from the tree at an angle and by the time I finished flattening the two sides it was too thin.  So i just kept going until it was about 1 inch thick and Voila! it's a charcuterie board!
This beautiful 18 inch charcuterie board is made from a cookie cut from a pear tree where the tree was splitting to three branches.  It was full of rot and insect damage (which is why the tree was cut down) so it is filled with clear epoxy.  I only got three slices from that piece of wood and they are all sold.
This 26 inch spalted maple cookie made a great sofa table on three 28 inch hairpin legs.
This is a very rare plum root burl about 8 inches across that I found when rescuing some plum wood from an orchard here in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Farmers use a large excavator to pull out the trees, roots and all, and I saw this covered in dirt among the roots.  I just knew there would be something cool inside!