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Orchard and Forest Finds

These unique candles are made from rescued wood that was found in an orchard or forest.

We work with landowners and companies that harvest local trees. Some parts of trees are too rotten, twisted or damaged to be used for furniture or cut into firewood. This wood is often left to rot on the ground or burned in a field.

Some of the wood has beautiful grain and colour but is still destined for the firewood pile.

We cut the wood, dry it in a kiln and plane it to highlight the twisted grain or spalting caused by fungus.

Each piece is unique in the colour of the wood, the grain pattern and the flaws created as the log rots.

Spalted wood has black lines that form as fungus grows along the wood cells. The fungus also colours the wood.

Some trees have colour variations between dark heartwood (the centre of the tree) and lighter sapwood (the outside rings of the tree).

Each item is hand-made in our workshop in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. The final piece is sealed with several coats of glossy tung oil for a long-lasting finish.

We try to keep a few products listed here but our selection is much bigger than we can list online.  You can email us to request a specific species or size of candle.

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