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Tap Maple Charcuterie Board

Tap Maple Charcuterie Board

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This absolutely gorgeous charcuterie board is made from "Tap Maple", which is maple from the bottom of a sugar maple that had been tapped for maple syrup.

When the farmer making maple syrup drills a hole in a sugar maple tree to get to the sap, air is introduced into the tree wood and over the years the normally blond maple wood turns brown in long streaks above and below the hole.  The older the wood the darker and longer the brown streaks get.

When the tree is cut down, only the wood from the outside of the tree close to the bottom of the trunk has this figure in it.  Because very few maple trees reach a mill (most are destined for firewood), this is very rare wood.

Every board is unique because the holes are drilled at random each year.  Some boards have lots of holes and figure and some have fewer.  I will email you a picture of your board before I ship it.

I fill the holes with dark epoxy, add cross braces, rubber feet and metal handles.

Because this is natural wood, it may warp and bend over the year with changes in humidity.  To corrects for this I add small brass washers under every rubber foot;  If the board ever rocks on its feet, simply move the washer from the high foot to the lower foot.