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Tap Maple Charcuterie Board - 24 in x 10 in

Tap Maple Charcuterie Board - 24 in x 10 in

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This stunning charcuterie tray, or cheese serving board, measures 10" wide by 24" long and is about 7/8" thick.  It has two bronze handles on the top and non-marring and non-skid feet below. You can choose between simple bronze handles or branch-themed bronze handles.

Tap maple is wood cut from the lower trunks of sugar maple trees where holes were drilled to tap for maple syrup. Maple is a very light-coloured wood but where the hole is drilled a brown streak develops in the wood for a foot or so above and below the hole. This is a very rare wood as few producing sugar maples are cut down. This wood is more work than normal because the holes and and checks have to be filled with tinted epoxy. The results speak for themselves.

These boards are finished in food-safe tung oil for everyday use as a serving tray and can be cleaned with a damp rag.  While maple is a hard wood and you can use a knife on it to cut cheeses, we recommend that you avoid using it as a cutting board as this edge grain board can be damaged by a sharp knife.

Each board has a unique grain pattern and discolouration, so I will email you a photo of your board before it is shipped to you.

Use it to serve local Ontario cheeses with a fine Niagara wine and be as Canadian as you can be!


This product is also available in 32 in x 8 in size.